Social Justice Spelunkers – Designer’s Diary #8

In Sub Terra, players assume roles chosen from a team of eight unique characters.  Here are five of them: From left: Ishiko (climber), Jai (bodyguard), Amirah (leader), Daniel (geologist), Jack (Diver) I believe that diverse communities are stronger, and that... read more

Art of Darkness – Designer’s Diary #7

Art is important.  It’s the first thing players will notice about a game – it draws them in, keeps them engaged, and affects how favourably they’ll view the gameplay experience. I’m not an artist.  For Sub Terra, we borrowed the extensive talents of the... read more

Hidden Depths Part Two – Designer’s Diary #6

In the first half of this post, I described three types of complexity: Comprehension Complexity (how does this component work?) Board Complexity (how do these components work together?) Strategic Complexity (how will these components work together in the future?) The... read more