Why Board Game Designers Should Build Tables

One of the most puzzling challenges of any board game project is how to convert an abstract concept, into something that people can engage with. How to convert something from a mere idea into something that is practically, and predictably fun. There are a lot of ways... read more

Sub Terra: a Wyvern’s Lair Success Story

Sub Terra represents everything we want to achieve with ITB, a game that communicates powerful ideas and emotions through a tabletop game, in an accessible, engaging, challenging and fun way! The engineering of the game itself is staggeringly well thought out;... read more

Tactics Vs. Strategy

The game was boring. I tried it a bunch of times, and it worked perfectly, but wasn’t fun. Even after much tweaking, fiddling and fettling, the game’s mechanics worked, but it wasn’t fun. It was almost like you were slowly building your manifesto,... read more