Fear Factory Part One – Designers Diary #2

I wanted to make a horror game. Before I start work on something completely new, I like to do some research to try to figure out the underlying theory.  A lot of design advice urges you to get stuck in fast with scrappy prototypes and quick iteration. Instead, I... read more

Interning at a Tabletop Publishing Company

Hello everyone! This is a picture of me: Specifically, one of the few recent photos I could find of myself that is suitable for posting on a public website.  This has a bit to do with the fact that I have just finished 3 somewhat riotous years at University in London.... read more

Welcome to Sub Terra – Designers Diary #1

Hi!  I’m Tim Pinder, the designer of ITB’s upcoming title Sub Terra.  By day, I’m an AI programmer and occasional gameplay designer in the videogames industry.  By night, I design innumerable board games, which I then inflict on my friends and family until they ask me... read more