Welcome to the Modnet Internal News Service.

Record period for user activity

Modnet are proud to announce that we have seen a record period of user activity in the last fiscal quarter. User actions have increased beyond previous estimates to over 4.8 billion unique actions per day.

Modnet acquires AM Telecoms

Modnet East have this week acquired Middle Eastern communications firm AM Telecoms following a multi-million dollar buyout deal. The company will merge with Modnet’s recently expanded operations in the Greater Syrian Republic, Iraq and the Levantine Free States.

Stable growth for FlashCorp Holdings

At an annual shareholder meeting held earlier today FlashCorp Holdings have announced projected growth of 5.6% over the next 12 months. A spokesperson for the company, who employ 36% of the country’s population, stated that they were delighted to see continued customer loyalty at this time.

Microdrone prototype create a buzz

The University Of Independent Sciences’ annual technology fair this week saw scientists exhibit a number of exciting prototypes and ideas. Among them was the B-501, a pollinating microdrone capable of independently maintaining plant life across 15 hectares. Scientists behind the ‘artificial bee’ are currently seeking investment to launch their product across 18 regions.

Patch notes

17.08: The font in the Modnet Members’ Store has been changed from ‘Helvetica’ to ‘Arial Bold’

17.07: An additional 18 words and phrases have been added to the blacklist. Users on the 17.06 version of ModNet must update within 30 days of their account will be terminated.

17.06: The ‘FAQ’ section of ‘Membership Upgrades’ is now available in Modern Standard Arabic, Malay and Marathi. Please update your ModNet app for these changes.


Modnet wishes a happy birthday to the following Modnet users:

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ModNet Offers

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