The Caver’s Edition contains the entire core Sub Terra set, with all 8 characters, all the cave tiles, tokens, cards and dice you’ll need to play a game of Sub Terra!

The final print and play files for Sub Terra will be emailed to you directly using your Kickstarter-registered email address.

Please note currency conversions have been given as an approximation and are only an indication as currency fluctuations during the campaign could marginally affect final price to non-UK backers.

The Veteran’s Edition includes the core Sub Terra set as well as all three modular boxed expansions, Sub Terra: Investigation, Sub Terra: Extraction and Sub Terra: Annihilation.

All three expansions can be played together with the core set in any combination, each adding a new character, tiles/cards/tokens and gameplay features, and in the case of Annihilation, a new game mode!



The Collector’s Edition is a bundled set of the core game, all three expansions, the Sub Terra Graphic Novel and the hardback Development Diaries, which detail the game design, artistic development, and various challenges of producing Sub Terra.

The Collector’s Edition comes packaged in a single, deluxe, collector’s box, with all contents contained within it.

The Deluxe Edition is the same as the Collector’s Edition, but also comes with all 11 Character Miniatures.

The Character miniatures replace the wooden character meeples in the core set and expansions and give a luxury feel to your games.

The 28mm scale miniatures are produced in PLA/ABS plastic and come sculpted on a scenic base.

The Personal Edition comes with three options

Option 1: Add to your Deluxe Edition pledge a custom illustrated player board of your likeness with signed print of the illustration.

Option 2: Add to your Deluxe Edition pledge a custom sculpted miniature of your likeness in the same scale as the game miniatures along with a large size statuette of the miniature sculpt.

Option 3: Add both!

All Personal Edition extras will be entirely custom made by our team of sculptors, illustrators, and printing specialists to ensure that your custom content is the best it can be. All custom extras will be shipped separately from your main pledge.

Miniatures and statuettes will be 3D printed using industrial-grade printing machinery to ensure the highest resolution (25 Microns).

The Immersive Edition comes with Option 3 of the Personal Edition (i.e. the Collector’s Edition, all 11 Character Miniatures, the custom player board, signed illustration, custom mini and statuette) as well as 2 tickets to the Sub Terra Immersion Experience weekend in London, UK.

The Sub Terra Immersion Experience Weekend will be hosted by ITB in London at a date to be determined in consultation with ticket holders and will include an extended escape-room style Sub Terra challenge, an excursion to a local cave system, a gaming session with the game’s designer, Tim Pinder, a showing of the inspiration for the game, The Descent and a meal at a¬†secret location within the city of London.

Accomodation and travel to London is not provided. Travel to/from all activities during the weekend is provided by ITB.

The Immersive Edition also includes a Tabletopia session with the game’s designer, Tim Pinder, along with your friends!

The Immersive Edition also includes an extra set of character miniatures expertly painted by award-winning Sub Terra project leader, Peter Blenkharn.