1. How do I upgrade to a different pledge level?
  2. What are stretch goals?
    • Making games is expensive, but making more of them is less so. When more backers support our project, we reward all backers with extra stuff that we can now put into the game. Some of the stretch goals will be stuff that we want to give to backers for free to say thanks that regular retail copies won’t come with, but will be separately available after the campaign.
  3. What does EU/US/Canada friendly shipping mean?
    • When we say that shipping is EU friendly, we mean that we ship your game to you from within the EU, which avoids you needing to pay customs charges as we handle it for all games at once. This is much cheaper as we pay import and sales taxes on the production price, not the retail price, so you get a better value game with less hassle!
    • We’re also happy to offer US, Australia, New Zealand,  East Asia and Canadian friendly shipping, meaning better value and less hassle for customers there too. We’re working hard on getting more friendly zones right now, so hopefully you’ll have happy customs officials in your area too.
  4. What counts for East Asia region shipping?
    1. China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia (everywhere else counts as Rest of World)
  5. What’s a Print & Play?
    • Sub Terra Print & Play Edition (or P&P) is a collection of organised digital files which contain all of the digital files for you to print a basic copy of Sub Terra at home. The final manufactured version will use high quality materials but if you’re on a budget, this is a great option. Also handy when you lose a card! The Full Art P&P sent to backers will include all final artwork and design.
  6. What are the components made of?
    • All cards are printed onto 300gsm greycore card, the industry standard for game cards.
    • All player boards will be printed onto 1.5mm greyboard and die-cut
    • All punchboard tokens, tiles and markers will be printed onto 1.5mm greyboard and die-cut
    • The six-sided (D6) die will be produced in black resin with white pips
    • The character meeples will be cut from 8mm thick natural wood and given a colour-matched paint finish
    • The caver miniatures will be made form either ABS or PLA plastic
      If stretch goals get hit, all of these will be improved!
  7. How big are the components?
    • All cards are standard poker size, at approximately 63mmx88mm
    • The tiles are approximately 50mmx50mm
    • The rules book is approximately 170 x 250mm
    • The box is approximately 270 x 190 x 65 mm
  8. Why will it take so long to ship my reward?
    • From our experience with Molecular and Statecraft and from backing dozens of tabletop Kickstarters, we feel it’s best to under promise and over deliver. Making games is a lengthy process, and we want to make sure we don’t rush it and compromise on quality. We’ll keep the whole Sub Terra community informed of progress throughout the manufacturing and shipping process, so if we’re not on schedule or super early, you’ll know about it as soon as we do
  9. What age range is Sub Terra appropriate for?
    • In short, 10+, or thereabouts.
      Sub Terra is a challenging strategy game, but it’s not that difficult to learn, and if you’ve got eager youngsters around, they’ll pick it up! Although there’s a horror element to the game, it’s not inappropriate for children.
  10. Will Sub Terra be available in languages other than English?
    • Yes!
    • We’re producing a database of rulebook translations, as well as integrating language-less symbol-led versions of components in every set to ensure you can play Sub Terra anywhere, with anyone.
  11. How does the game play differ when playing with 4 players as opposed to 1?
    • Sub Terra has an adaptive deck construction system which means that playing at various difficulties and numbers of players has no mechanical effect on the game system itself, even when playing solo!
  12. I like to sleeve my cards to protect them, what size should I use and will sleeved cards fit in the box?
  13. I have a really cool game idea, can Inside the Box publish it?
    • The answer to that is yes! Get in contact with us at http://www.itbboardgames.com/contact/publishing with an overview of your idea, and we can work together to make your game a reality. We accept any and all submissions, no restrictions on theme, weight, mechanics or style.
    • We’re currently working with 8 independent game designers to publish their games throughout 2016/17.
  14. I’m a graphic designer/illustrator/artist/fiction writer/goblin artisan, does ITB have any work for me?
    • Yup. Give us a shout on contact@itbboardgames.com and we’ll work with you to see if we can accommodate you within one of our many projects.
    • We also produce art-directed games, meaning if you’re an artist with a great idea for a game theme, but aren’t sure about how the game itself would work, we’ll work with you to get your concept into massive game content spreadsheets!