Your heart is pumping, your pupils are dilated, you’re out of breath.

You’re running through the darkness. Desperate.

Sweat runs from your brow as you dash through caverns and tunnels attempting to escape it.

You leap triumphantly over a rift in the rock beneath you.

You’re finally safe.

The mesmerising phosphorescence of the eerie underground mushrooms catch your eye, as does the flicker of your shadow.

As you close your eyes in relief, a rumbling, groaning, growling sound echoes through the chamber. Wet chopping noises slice through the silence of the darkness.

You swing your torch around, and then…


We’re launching a competition where we’d like you to show us your concept for what you think the horrors should look like.

We’ll narrow the submissions down to a list of 5, who’ll all get a Deluxe Edition of the Game including the final Horror/Leaper miniatures. We’ll then ask all of you, our backers, to vote for your favourite

We’ll turn the winning concept into the official Horror and Leaper minis for the game and feature them in some cool David Franco Campos story art (which we’ll also send you a copy of!).

In addition to a Deluxe Edition including Horror/Leaper minis, the winner will also receive a statuette of the final sculpt, a poster-sized signed print of the illustration, and a prominent rulebook credit for “Horror Miniature Concept”.

We can’t stop the nightmares, though.  Those are on you.

Competition Details

Find the ‘Horror’ art direction document produced by the game’s designer, Tim HERE

Send your concept art to, along with a link to your portfolio (if you have one), your full name, your postal address, and your city/country. Make the subject of the email something scary!

Don’t worry about your art skills!  We’re more interested in your concept than the quality of the submission.  Unleash your creativity!

Submissions will close at 12:00 noon GMT (British Time) on Monday 23rd January. Any submissions received after this point will not qualify.

During this period, we’ll feature some of our favourite submissions in our campaign updates.

At the deadline, we’ll review, choose and announce our finalists, and put it to a vote!

The darkness is in your hands…

Terms & Conditions:

  1. This competition is not open to submissions from any member of ITB, anyone currently contracted by ITB, or the immediate family of any of the aforementioned groups.
  2. By submitting an image, you give us permission to use that image in campaign updates, the Development Diaries Book, and for other promotional purposes (with full credit – including a link to your portfolio if you have provided us with one.)
  3. Multiple submissions per person are allowed.
  4. You must be over the age of 18 to enter
  5. All 5 finalists will receive the equivalent of the ‘Deluxe Edition’ pledge level and a copy of the final horror/leaper miniatures set in addition to any pledge they may have made on the campaign.
  6. The winner will additionally receive 1 poster sized signed illustration, a statuette of the final sculpt and a prominent credit in the Sub Terra rulebook.