Statecraft Kickstarter Pledge Levels


Custom Card

If you’ve opted for a pledge level that includes a custom card, you can see what that will look like above! This card will be made by our fantastic illustrator, Zak, who will take a picture you provide and turn it into a fantastic new card in every Statecraft set. You’ll be able to direct what content goes into the card, but we’ll have to ensure it doesn’t throw off the balance of the game.

You’ll be sent several copies of your card in addition to your game, and will also be sent a blown up art print of your card!

If you’d like to select a supporter card made up of images of your game group, family or otherwise, please add ¬£50 to your pledge. (Note this is waived for the Megalomaniacal Overlord pledge level)

We reserve the right to reject images that detract significantly from the game or include any offensive, obscene or otherwise inappropriate content.

Unique Expansion

The unique, one of a kind, custom expansion will include up to 7 unique artworks, created exclusively for you by our illustrator, Zak. He will work with you to create your custom expansion, with custom artworks and content. We will send you a deck of 54 cards with plenty of duplicates included of your 7 unique cards in a customised tuckbox.

You’ll be able to choose an card type for your 7 unique cards, and will be able to submit, within reason, any ideas for the artwork and content to customise them for you and your game group.

This expansion will not be made available to the public, and will be just for you to enjoy!

We will only be creating 3 of these expansions ever!

Game Design Day

The ITB Game Design Day is a chance to spend a full day with our team exploring the ins and outs of tabletop game design, in a crash course leading you and a group of your friends through the process of designing a game.

We’ll walk you through the concept stages of game design from initial ideas and building your world to connecting this to a more refined pitch for a game.

We’ll then give you the tools and materials you’ll need to produce a working prototype of your new idea, then we’ll run a mock playtesting session to refine it into a functioning game.

Finally we’ll walk you through the artwork process, from soliciting an artist to integrating the theme and mechanics of your game with the artwork and design.¬†Then we’ll treat you to an evening of games, food and drink!

Please note that travel and accommodation are not included. The Game Design Day will be held in either London or Oxford, UK.