Molecular, our first ever game was successfully funded at 11:30pm BST on the 28th July 2015 after a tidal wave of backers came from all corners of the internet to make Molecular a reality. After a 30 day campaign of tweeting, facebooking, emailing, letter writing and chatting with backers new and old, we got endorsements from the Royal Society of Chemistry, several game groups and reviewers as well as the odd board game cafe!

The campaign was hard won, after all, we were completely new to creating projects on Kickstarter! We added in tonnes more content so that the game was better value, worked endlessly with the manufacturers to secure good deals and spent long nights scouring the internet for better shipping prices, it took time, but it paid off, Kickstarter decided to feature our game on the Games main page, as well as make it a staff pick, which massively helped, as well as all the fantastic backers who shouted to the world about the game!

On the campaign we offered a few different pledge levels, the main one being the game itself, an upgraded signed copy with some extra things, a level where the backers could design their own card to go in all copies of Molecular, and then some ones where backers would come and be our friends in Oxford with some board games and burgers and beers!

Our favourite bit of doing the campaign, though, has to be the video! We spent ages putting it together and went a bit mad by the time we’d finished but, well, here it is, our Molecular Kickstarter vid!

Amongst all of our early supporters, the one person who stands out is Bearded Meeple, a Canadian board games blogger who did a fantastic review of a very early version of Molecular and helped us along by sharing it with their followers and retweeting and favouriting our progress along the way! Here’s their video!

Although the campaign was really fun, and it was really great to connect with so many backers along the way to work out what our design would be, what add-ons we’d do and all that jazz, towards the end we weren’t that confident that Molecular would get there, we were a few thousand pounds away from the goal with only about 48 hours to go, and then something magical happened. About a hundred and fifty new backers arrived, dozens of existing backers upped their pledges, shared all the social media stuff and suddenly our reach was in the thousands all over the world, views on this website exploded and then the pledges kept coming, by the end of the second to last day, we’d made it, by the end of the last day, we’d gone 3k over the goal!

If you want to see how shocking the graph was, take a look at the Kicktraq chart!

Molecular - The Strategic Chemistry Tile Game -- Kicktraq Mini