Broken Shield

Broken Shield, a richly crafted, trope busting board game of assymetrical siege in a refreshingly complex fantasy realm without the usual unimaginative stereotypes.

Broken Shield employs the storytelling power of a rising fiction writer and powerful artwork from Robert Schneider together with a deeply strategic but beautifully straightforward gameplay mechanic to deliver a unique experience with every play, giving players the opportunity to take the role of a besieged faction defending their dwindling resources from their aggressors, or to embody the desperation of the forces assaulting the fortress, hoping to gain shelter from the chaos of the outside world.

We got our game’s inspiration from assymetrical classics like Android Netrunner and King and Assassins, with the theming a mix of all sorts from the more mainstream fantasy classics to some absurdly niche stuff that is unlikely to ever get printed by an actual company. Broken Shield attempts to immerse players in a new kind of fantasy universe, one that isn’t run through with supernatural or magical forces, but the unending, inescapable reality of a waning world in which factions vie for the diminishing resources that world has left to offer.

Here’s a few beautiful concept designs for units that’ll be in the core Broken Shield set, launching on Kickstarter early Summer 2016.


Below we’ve got  a flavour of where we’re going in terms of the game itself.



Broken Shield Game Concept