Review ITB Titles

Want to be a reviewer for upcoming ITB Titles?

We’re on the look out for people who can provide reviews for our games, through videos, podcasts or written reviews. We’re not interested in people giving us glowing reviews in return for a free game, we’re really looking for people who’ll play the game and give it an honest but constructive run through, so that we can improve, and our backers and customers can get a real feel for the game.

For each game we’re working on, we’ll be getting a small run of prototypes, which we will send to a selected few reviewers, but we’d also appreciate reviewers who are happy for us to send Print and Play files to them for a review. Alernatively, we’re always happy to do run throughs with reviewers in our local area. Let us know if you’d like to set up a date at Thirsty Meeples!

We’ll be using reviews for our games as part of our Kickstarter campaigns, to give backers an impartial perspective on how the games play, and to demonstrate what it all looks like on the table!

If you’re interested, send us your details using the form below. Please include links to your channel/website/blog.

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