Are board game themes in need of a shakeup?

As important as mechanics are, the theme of a board game is equally, if not more important. We all know examples of good board games that could be even better with a more engaging theme – and we all know games that are simply too dry and boring to be fun,... read more

5 Predictions For The Future of Tabletop Gaming

Last week we looked at some of the recent trends seen at Gen Con 50. If you didn’t see the full post you can check it out here. Gen Con, and similar events, offer industry insiders and amateur hobbyists the chance to see where the hobby of tabletop is headed. It’s a... read more

The Board Game Storytelling Revolution

It’s a well documented fact that boardgaming has undergone a renaissance in the past decade. Kickstarter has been a useful metric for recording this rise. The total $ pledged for tabletop games on kickstarter has increased from just over $20,000,000 in 2014 to over... read more

5 important trends from Gencon 50

Another year has passed and Gencon, the largest tabletop gaming convention outside of Europe, has just wrapped up its 50th year. As the oldest, and one of the most well known board games conventions in the world the event is an opportunity to see how much the tabletop... read more

Board games and escape rooms: A match made in heaven?

Escape rooms are a big deal right now. From being an obscure pastime for a small few to a mainstream hobby that’s enjoyed across the world, the rise of escape room games is incredibly impressive. Big cities across the world often host dozens of escape rooms as there... read more

The Power Of Distopia

“Newspeak”, ITB’s next Kickstarter title, is set in a disturbing near-future dystopia, where dissidents [REDACTED] the [REDACTED] and try to [REDACTED]. Details of this terrifying world are hidden deep within ITB’s high-security computer files… so for now, let’s look... read more

How To Steal (Like a Game Designer)

“Good artists copy, great artists steal”. Those are the iconic words of Pablo Picasso, an artist whose work is regarded as some of the most innovative and groundbreaking visual art of the 20th century. Picasso’s work changed the direction of early modern art, and... read more

A timeline of board gaming history

Board games mean something different to every person and culture in the world. For some they are a staple of family life. For others they signal vices like gambling and risk. But in our globalised world games of all form are a universal experience that have roots... read more

The Essen Factor: Germany’s Love of Tabletop

When it comes to the tabletop industry, most games fall under one of two categories; ‘Eurogame’ or ‘American-style’ (sometimes called Ameritrash by the more cynical). For most serious gamers, Eurogames make up the majority of our favourite games; the artfully... read more

Getting started as an RPG game master

For the last few weeks the ITB offices have been downing tools and spending one night a week immersed in a fantasy world of adventure and peril. Once a week the team (as well as our friend Paul from Apauling Games) get together for a game of D&D, where I act as DM... read more

Character Development – Learning from the Best

Creating a believable, engaging dystopian world is one of Newspeak’s most important goals. A great theme makes a board game more interesting and memorable – and one way to achieve this is through character design. Characters make or break a story; everyone who... read more