Inside Inside The Box

Inside The Box Board Games was created in 2015 by friends Peter Blenkharn and Matthew Usher while studying at university. Our first game, Molecular, was funded through Kickstarter and helped transform ITB from a weekend hobby into a full-time business. From then we’ve grown into a successful independent company, with a number of awards and published games under our belt.

Business values

ITB was created to be more than just a business. We don’t aim to make as much money as possible, but rather to create amazing games that revolve around fun and novel ideas. We only work on projects that our small team is passionate about, and always ensure that our supporters are treated like a community, and not just customers.


Design ethos

Our motto “Play With Ideas” is at the centre of everything we do. Whether it’s in designing, playtesting or publishing we ensure that fun and unique ideas are at key to our work. ITB tries to produce games that are unique, and take innovative approaches to the hobby that we love.

Co-founder Peter works on Molecular in his bedroom during the early days of ITB

Our first project, Molecular, finds success in the local papers!

An early prototype of our game, Sub Terra

ITB has hosted a small crowd of microinterns through our internship programme

Former intern Anthony joined us as a full time staff member in 2017

Our game, Sub Terra, in all its professionally-produced glory!

Game designer Tim Pinder proudly holds a fresh copy of his game at UK Expo

At UK Games Expo 2017 we won best card game and best euro-game for our games Statecraft and Sub Terra

Values in our work

Fair play and fair pay. All of our staff are paid the London living wage, and our designers are given some of the highest royalties in the industry for their ideas and concepts.

Creativity first. As well as taking creative approaches to all areas of our work, as a small team we work with designers and creatives on every stage of a game’s design and production.

Transparency and openness. We are always happy to receive any feedback and questions from our supporters. Our communications are always open and you can contact us at any time for the information you need.

Inclusion. We believe board games should be open to everyone, and we’ve made steps to ensure that our products and events are fully inclusive whenever possible.

Progressing as a community. More than just making money, we’re here to make board gaming better for all. We try our best to work directly with the community; with fans, players, creatives and other publishers. We host events for our friends in the industry, are active members of the community, and always try to work with other companies when we can. Healthy competition is good for our industry, but we understand that working together has other incredible benefits that we’d rather see.


  • January 2015 – Matthew and Peter dream up the idea for our first game, Molecular, while in their final year of university
  • May 2015 – Inside The Box Board Games is officially formed as a company to develop and produce Molecular
  • June 2015 – The Kickstarter campaign for Molecular is launched, and ends successfully in July 2015
  • August 2015 – Peter begins designing our second game, Statecraft
  • March 2016 – Statecraft fails to reach funding on it’s first Kickstarter campaign, teaching us many lessons and leading to a redesign of the game
  • June 2016 – Tim Pinder, designer for Sub Terra, joins ITB after exhibiting his idea at the 2016 UK Games Expo Wyvern’s Lair event
  • July 2016 – Statecraft is successfully funded in its second Kickstarter campaign
  • August 2016 – Peter goes full time as our company director, and moves ITB into our current East London office
  • September 2016 – ITB holds the first UK Tabletop Networking Jam at our office, hosting nearly 100 designers, creatives and industry members for a day of talks and workshops
  • October 2016 – ITB attends Airecon 3 with our games Statecraft and Molecular
  • December 2016 – 15 microinterns join ITB for a week-long work experience programme
  • January 2017 – Sub Terra is launched on Kickstarter and reaches funding after just 5 hours
  • March 2017 – Another 25 microinterns join us for our second round of the programme
  • May 2017 – Anthony joins ITB as our first full-time staff member
  • June 2017 – ITB wins Best Card Game and Best Euro-style Game at the UK Games Expo for our games Statecraft and Sub Terra