ITB's Design Ethos

We started off our story with a trip to our local Friendly Local Game Store, Thirsty Meeples in Oxford, UK , where we played some really innovative, beautifully designed games.

We thought “Hey, why not try to make one ourselves?”

Matthew, one of our co-founders and Chemistry graduate, fired up the quattro and splurged out 4 years of caffeine-fuelled Chemistry wisdom, while Peter, our other co-founder, burned through every notepad in sight pulling it together into the beginnings of a game that’s full of crazy complicated university Chemistry but is simple enough for a kid to play. Hopefully we’d succeed and they’d get interested in the ancient art of stirring stuff together and hoping it doesn’t explode.

And so Molecular was born.

Throughout our time designing Molecular, and our subsequent game titles, we’ve asked ourselves a few questions, in the hope that we’ll be able to get close to the experience of those games we played at ‘Meeples.


  • How do we want players to feel when playing our game
  • Is this game actually fun?
  • Do players learn something new when they play?
  • Do players get an opportunity to interact with each other?
  • Will our game appeal to loads of different people?
  • Is the game simple to understand?
  • Does the game have replay value?
  • Will the game be affordable and offer good value for money?
  • Will this game get us on a government watchlist?

We really want our games to be an experience for players that’s not just a time-killer at weekends, but an opportunity for a group of friends and family to get together and share in something that can be interesting, informative, thought provoking, entertaining or just down right ridiculous.

We’re in the business of making games that look cool, play fun, and give each player the chance to make choices that make a real difference to how the game progresses.

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