About Us

Inside the Box Board Games LLP was set up by a partnership of friends from university who spent far too much of their time playing and designing board games rather than working on their degrees! Since then we’ve come a long way, from sucessfuly funding our first game to developing a dozen different ideas with gamers from all over the world.

We came up with the idea for our first game, Molecular, while chatting about science things and eating dominos pizza, if you check out the Molecular page, you might see how we got there…

We’re a small but enthusiastic team, using our varied experiences to turn our ideas into fun, engaging and at times educational games. We’re not a card games company, or a miniatures games company or any specific type of games company – we are a huge fan of using all the tools at our disposal to develop our games, whether that be cardboard, plastic or imagination.

Every week, we come up with new ideas for games and now have a dizzying archive of untouched ideas, ready for development when the time comes.

Will you Join Us?