Ok, now breathe.

You’re over the first hurdle. You’re on the Geek!

NOW THE PAIN BEGINS. I jest, it’s not that bad…..yet.

The next step is going to be to create your publisher page (it doesn’t have to be but dammit Jim this is my blog!) – so that you can connect all of your creations together in one cohesive page, your games, expansions, team members etc.

It’s a relatively straightforward process compared with some of the other things you’ll end up doing, but first you must locate the page you seek (I’ve spent the last 4 hours in character, gimme a break).

Hover over the ‘Misc’ tab on the main menu bar at the top of the page, and click on the ‘publisher’ link under the ‘Add to Database’ section of the drop down list that appears.


You’ll get a screen that looks like this:


In the Primary Name section, add in the name of your publishing label. I made the mistake of adding the full legal title of ‘Inside the Box Board Games LLP’ rather the vastly more recognisable and digestible ‘Inside the Box’ which is what most people know my label as (if not ITB). Choose wisely, for changing is a faff.

In the description, add something interesting, not a one liner.

Where are you based? Who were you founded by? Why? To do what? Why? What makes you different? Add your personality!

Board Game Credits:

If you’ve already listed a game on the Geek, just type in the name of the game and it’ll appear in a little drop down list – just click to add a credit, which will link that game to this new publisher page! Woop! We’ll cover credits and adding games soon.

Other stuff: meh

Note to Admin:

You’ll see this option on pretty much anything you add to the system. If you’re about to do anything that doesn’t comply in the strictest sense with what’s indicated (whether that’s clear or not), it’s worth giving the admin a headsup why you’re doing something that they’ll think is weird.

What BGG admins think is outrageous is not normally considered so. They are zealous defenders of the traditions of the Geek, for better or worse. Learn their ways swiftly, they can and will be a thorn in your side if you get on the wrong side of them.

Now we wait anywhere between an hour and a week for the admins to approve (or reject and request changes to) your publisher page (this isn’t they’re main job, they’re a rag tag collection of old guard hobbyists). Usually it happens within a day or so, but it can vary a lot.

Once it’s approved, you’ll get a notification in your message box (the envelope icon, remember!), at which point there will be a link to your publisher page. Click through, or if you can’t find it but are convinced it’s been approved, search for it using the search bar at the top right of the main menu.

Now you’ll see something this:

You’ll see that I’ve got an image in mine (WHERE WAS THAT OPTION AAAAAH PANIC), don’t worry – we’ll get to that in a sec.

Above that, at the top of this page (not including the main menu) there’s a row with ‘jump to:’ written at the left. These are links that just skip down the page to the relevant sections.

Your description you submitted will be below the main chunk of mostly blank space at the top.

On the right hand side there’s a bunch of buttons.

  1. The top one is the fan button, click this to become a ‘fan’ of your publishing label. Sad right…
  2. The corrections button can be pressed to access an edits page, where you can make edits to the name etc
  3. Clone…?
  4. Customize the view of the page
  5. Subscribe to changes to the page (a sensible thing to do to track trolls)
  6. RSS Feed – more on that in a totally separate blog series…
  7. Social media crap.

In the sections below the main description there will be a hyperlink saying ‘add video’ or some such. This works in the same way as the gallery back on your profile page. You select some files, add relevant info that’s requested by the system, then hit upload.

Note that each video, image etc will need to be approved by admins before it gets assigned to the page (and becomes viewable). Yep, every single one. They’ll let you know (and reward you with GG) when it happens.

You’ll notice further down that there is a ‘linked forums’ and ‘linked items’ section.


This is where things you’ve attributed to the label across the Geek will appear, for example games published under the label, or tagged forum posts about or related to the label.

Yes I’m aware I still haven’t updated the images for some of the Sub Terra expansions…really cba rn.

There’s a bunch of filtering bits and bobs at the top of the linked items section, nothing special.

Below that section as some more connected sections, like GeekLists the label has been featured on and web links associated with the label.

It’s worth noting at this point, that the Geek handles board games, expansions, publishers etc all kind of the same way as ‘items’ which can be tagged and associated with each other. Geeklists are lists of items, usually with a particular theme or purpose in mind. They’re kind of like forum posts in that you can comment all over them and can get pretty chaotic, but they can also serve as handy lists.

  1. Intro
  2. Your Personal Profile
  3. Your Publisher Page
  4. Your Game Page
  5. Images & User Submissions
  6. File Uploads
  7. Badges & Avatars
  8. Rich Content
  9. Geeklists
  10. Game Families & Expansions
  11. Credits
  12. Guilds
  13. Blogs
  14. Forums
  15. Reviews & Previews
  16. Competitions & Awards
  17. The Hotness
  18. Admins
  19. Selling Your Stuff
  20. Promos
  21. Advertising on the Geek