The eighth part of the miniseries!

Here’s my 15 second synopsis!


Frank’s Favourite Card for this episode is the State Funded Youth Military Clubs, as an homage to this episodes focus on Frank’s time at the Sentinel Military School, where he peels away a bit more of the polished veneer of his Washington character and shows us yet another part of his background as a Southerner with a colossal chip on his shoulder.


This episode is all about narrative and doesn’t really have any intrigue. Like at all.

Machiavelli sad.

Here’s Wikipedia’s synopsis!

Along with Claire, Frank visits his alma mater at his military college, which is honoring him by naming a new library after him. He spends the night reminiscing and drinking with old friends, including one who is implied to have been his former lover, allowing a glimpse behind Frank’s mask. Among the guests of the event is Remy Danton, a lobbyist from SanCorp, who have concerns about Peter Russo running for governor. In the meantime, Peter returns to Philadelphia and visits his mother. He then tries to convince former shipyard employees to support him; an angry meeting with them reveals an uphill struggle ahead, but he remains undeterred.