The seventh chapter!

Here’s my 15 second synopsis!


Frank’s Favourite Card for this episode is the Social Media Campaign, on account of Zoe’s use of social news to back up Frank’s sponsorship of Peter Russo’s Governorship campaign.


There is very little intrigue in this episode, Machiavelli snores.

Here’s Wikipedia’s synopsis!

President Walker finally signs the education bill into law, earning Frank a major victory by affording him great influence and favor with Walker. Vice President Matthews is feeling sidelined and expresses discontent with Walker. Peter Russo readies himself for the governor’s race ahead by attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings while his campaign team discusses strategies. Frank uses his relationship with Zoe to generate some positive spin on the announcement. Frank meets with Christina and convinces her to forgive Russo and become his deputy campaign manager, reigniting their relationship. Someone from his past unexpectedly reappears in Doug Stamper’s life. Zoe recommends Janine Skorsky for a job at Slugline.