The sixth chapter!

Here’s my 15 second synopsis!


Frank’s Favourite Card for Chapter 6 is the Renewable Energy card, representing the deft piece of legislation that he produces through Claire’s NGO, which utilises a ‘how could you argue with this’ plan to create more jobs through environmental works in Russo’s constituency, securing him back the votes he might need to be elected governor.


Although Frank manages to pull off a great finale, taking advantage of topical events and by provoking union leader Spinelli, he also manages to make a spectacular prat of himself in public. Machiavelli shakes his head in despair.

Here’s Wikipedia’s synopsis!

As the teachers’ union strike escalates and Walker quickly loses support due to it extending over three weeks, Frank is pressured to drop the bill entirely. The stakes are high for Frank as he decides that he has to achieve total victory over Spinella or he will lose all of his influence with the president. A brick thrown through Frank’s window allows him to target the architect of the strike, lobbyist Marty Spinella, and the pair go head-to-head on CNN in a confrontation that ends up embarrassing Frank further (with his words being turned into a viral dance mix), and Frank is barely able to keep Walker from forcing him to water down the bill. A cleaned-up Russo informs Frank that he will accept Frank’s help and run for Governor of Pennsylvania; Frank sets the wheels in motion by enlisting Claire’s help to draft an environmental bill that will help the CWI and also replace some of the jobs lost with the closing of the shipyard. A night spent scanning the police frequencies pays off when a local tragedy deals Frank a winning card, forcing Spinella to confront him. He goads Spinella into a rage, revealing he organized the brick incident himself, resulting in Spinella assaulting him when no one else is in the room. This gives Frank the leverage he needs: end the strike now, or Frank will press charges and send Spinella to jail. Claire hears an unexpected deathbed confession.