The fifth installment!

Here’s my 15 second synopsis!


Frank’s Favourite Card for this episode is the Charitable Incentives policy, on account of the genius manouevers which he coordinated to deftly save Claire’s fundraising event while at the same time dissipating the teacher’s union picket line – with ribs.


Machiavelli may have raised an eyebrow at this episode, with Frank eyeing up the Vice President as a potential target for his nefarious plans, manipulating Zoe into his personal mouthpiece, and Peter into his congressional lapdog, while gliding around eating ribs.


Here’s Wikipedia’s synopsis!

After Frank spends the night with Zoe, Claire is tacitly understanding so long as it achieves their goals — but, even so, renews her interest in Adam. The changes to the education bill lead to a frosty meeting between Frank and Marty Spinella, the head lobbyist for the teachers’ union, who proves himself a dangerous adversary. The fallout from being forced to close the shipyard by Frank, which costs thousands of jobs for his constituents, and his breakup with Christina sends Peter Russo into depression. An inebriated Russo confronts Frank on the doorstep of his home about the shipyard closure. Frank berates Russo’s drinking and immaturity, then confides that he has set the stage for Russo to run for governor if he can clean up his act. Zoe seeks alternative employment while Tom is forced to resign for firing her and calling her a ‘cunt.’ Frank and Claire foil Spinella’s attempt to disrupt their fundraising plans. In retaliation, Spinella calls for a nationwide strike.