The fourth chapter!

Here’s my 15 second synopsis!

Frank’s Favourite Card for this episode is the opposite policy from last time, Decentralised Schooling, to signify his subtly shifting platform from Donald’s left-leaning bill to the more ‘palatable’ ┬ábill, with its controversial amendments, which requires an intervention to eliminate opposition from the Speaker of the House.


This chapter’s Machiavelli rating is 4, as Frank eliminates another rival, but this time with so many degrees of separation through Peter Russo your head begins to spin. Frank’s building up layer upon layer of intricately weaved power games to keep all the right people under his thumb, daring to expose a small part of himself to each one, but each of those characters too separate to ever realise the extent of Frank’s deceit.


Here’s Wikipedia’s synopsis!

Frank resorts to intricate political string-pulling when House Speaker Bob Birch refuses to support the education bill with its controversial amendments. As a result, Frank organizes a coup that forces the majority leader to step down in place of one that Frank wants, in order to put pressure on Birch to cooperate and keep his Speakership. Frank forces Russo to allow a shipyard in his district to close in order to keep a military base in the new majority leader Terry Womack’s, district open, ensuring Womack’s support for a coup if necessary. Tom Hammerschmidt is exasperated at Zoe’s rebelliousness but the Herald’s publisher overrules him. Tom offers Zoe the post of White House correspondent and she accepts, but Frank convinces her to reverse her decision, which further antagonizes Hammerschmidt. Remy Danton, a lobbyist and former employee of Frank’s, re-tables a funding offer to the CWI that would allow them to hire back the staff they laid off, but Frank pressures Claire to refuse it. Claire meets with photographer Adam Galloway, a former lover who tries to rekindle their relationship. The two of them kiss, but then stop, as Claire says it is a mistake. The episode ends with Frank going to Zoe’s apartment, where the two of them have sex.