The third installment!

Here’s my 15 second synopsis!

Frank’s Favourite Card for Chapter 3 is the Centralised State Schools policy, on account of it being the central piece of legislation that drives the narrative of the last few episodes. Frank shows us his ability to multitask in this episode, juggling the teachers’ union, the relationships with his various lackeys and the ridiculous peach-bum scandal in his hometown.


Frank is a pretty run of the mill politician in this episode and barely pulls off the slightest feat of malevolent scheming, which is a bit disappointing but the episode does progress the narrative and cement Frank’s identity as a Southerner who neither finds his place in D.C. nor in his homeland.


Here is Wikipedia’s synopsis!

Frank is forced to return to his hometown of Gaffney, South Carolina in the midst of negotiating the education bill’s reforms to the teachers’ unions when his main rival stirs trouble. A young woman has been killed in a car accident after texting while driving, apparently distracted by a peach water tower that Frank has advocated to keep standing. His rival encourages the parents to sue, forcing Frank into a difficult negotiation. Claire meets and hires a hesitant Gillian Cole, an activist for WorldWell, to secure her organization’s expertise on the international stage. Peter Russo’s chief of staff and girlfriend, Christina Gallagher, tells him of an offer to work elsewhere which will allow their relationship to be made public, so he makes an effort to clean up his act. Zoe gets into trouble for talking about the Herald and her boss, Tom Hammerschmidt, on national TV after being told not to do so.