The second chapter in our miniseries!

Here’s my 15 second synopsis

Frank’s Favourite Card for Chapter 2 is the Misinformation Campaign as he deftly manouevers his way to eliminating Michael Kern, the usurper to Secretary of State, by pinning a story about him writing/editing an anti-Israel comment piece in college – leveraging his new lapdog, Peter Russo.



This chapter’s Machiavelli rating isĀ 3/10 as Frank successfully eliminates a high profile character, but does so with relative ease, without really seeing any resistance. His agenda at this point is relatively clear to those involved and leaves him exposed, at least at some level. That said, he’s got pieces moving on the board that some players can’t see…


Here’s Wikipedia’s synopsis!

In the aftermath of the leak of the education bill draft, Frank manages to secure full control of the legislative course from the president and promptly removes Donald, who graciously takes the fall for the controversy in the press for Frank’s sake. Frank hires a team of young interns to write a draft of the bill in a week that would usually take months to write. Claire is forced to lay off over half of the Clean Water Initiative’s staff after a donation contingent on Frank being appointed Secretary of State does not materialize. With Zoe’s help, Frank plants a story that loosely ties Kern to an anti-Israel editorial that ran in the college newspaper that Kern himself edited. Kern gravely mishandles the resulting media questions, throwing doubt on his candidacy. Frank then forces Peter Russo to travel to meet a conspiracy junkie who used to be on the college newspaper and encourages him to state that Kern wrote the article himself, and the resulting firestorm of controversy destroys Kern’s chances. Frank then tosses Catherine Durant’s name to Zoe as the likely replacement before reinforcing her credentials to Linda Vasquez.