The first episode of the first series!

Here’s my 15 second synopsis:

Frank’s Favourite Card for Chapter 1 is the Secret Negotiations card, as he spends this chapter subtly sowing the seeds for the future games he is to play, with plenty of back room dealings and quiet whispers as much as bombastic declarations.


This chapter’s Machiavelli rating is 1/10, as Frank spends a little time with some light scheming but nothing on the scale that the Florentine Prince of Scheme would even pause for.


And here’s the episode synopsis from Wikipedia:

Francis “Frank” Underwood is an ambitious Democratic congressman and the House Majority Whip. Frank helped ensure the election of President Garrett Walker, who promised to appoint Frank as Secretary of State. However, before Walker is sworn in, Chief of Staff Linda Vasquez announces that Walker will not honor the agreement and will instead nominate Senator Michael Kern. Linda tells Frank that they want him to continue helping their administration from within the House of Representatives, starting with working on an education reform bill with Representative Donald Blythe. Furious at Walker’s betrayal, Frank and his wife Claire, an environmental activist, make a pact to destroy Walker, starting with Michael Kern. Frank starts seeking out pawns in his war against Walker. When the troubled Representative Peter Russo is arrested for drunk driving with Rachel Posner, a prostitute, in the car with him, Frank offers him a reprieve in exchange for his loyalty, covering up the incident by bribing the commissioner with funds for his political ambitions. Frank also encounters Zoe Barnes, a young political reporter for the Washington Herald newspaper. The two come to an agreement in which Frank will give Zoe inside information that will further Zoe’s own stagnating career and give Frank a patsy to serve incriminating information to the media about his opponents. He starts by leaking a copy of the first draft of Donald Blythe’s education bill that proposes massive increases in government control of education, promptly causing a scandal one day after the inauguration.