Inside the Box Board Games started off as an amateur project by two friends while at University, helplessly staving off the terror of their final exams, who found a fantastic community of people across the world who love the hobby as must as they do.

The team has now grown, and has brought in talent from across the world, from the artists working on our games to the vast community of backers, supporters and contributors.

ITB’s International Team



Peter Blenkharn is ITB’s co-founder and Managing Partner, who’s been working to build ITB into a collective of like-minded creatives who love games. Peter hails from the rainy Northern English city of Carlisle (literally Castle Black), and is a serial boardgamegeek.



Rob Schneider, the fabulously talented artist who’s been working on Broken Shield for the past 4 months, bringing the vast creative world of Broken Shield to life from a scrawled collection of notes and scribbles. Rob lives in the Rhine Valley area of Germany and has worked on a range of different art projects.

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Zak Eidsvoog, the king of cool, has been working tirelessly on Statecraft, our latest title, and has achieved the unthinkable – making politics fun. Zak lives in Portland, Oregon in the USA and has worked as an illustrator/designer on a challenging range of projects.

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ITB’s International Supporters


There has been a fantastic amount of support for what ITB’s been up to over the last year, with 63 countries and territories represented in viewers on in 2015, with a mind-blowing 58 already in 2016!

On the Molecular Kickstarter, there were backers from dozens of countries who came together to make the project a reality, bringing an incredible amount of enthusiasm about board games, Chemistry and community into one endeavour!

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