One of the perks of living in Oxford, city of dreaming spires, is the libraries. Beautiful old buildings that ooze history. There’s something incredible about walking through the same corridors that countless academics have trodden, almost like you’re climbing onto their shoulders and reaching for higher shelves! This week though, we ventured into one of Oxford University’s most modern libraries, the Weston, to find some tabletop treasures.

Recently, one of our friends over at Thirsty Meeples Board Game Cafe gave us the heads up that there was an exhibition on at the beautiful new Weston library just down the road, with some fabulous old tabletop games from the Victorian era.

We kept meaning to go along, but never really found the time, getting constantly sidetracked by building new projects with other creatives in the city and eating loads of ice cream at G&Ds, our other cafe of choice in O-town.


The entrance hall to the Weston Library on Broad Street

Having not even been in the Weston since it was totally refurbished (it had been walled off by insightful factoid-laden partitions since our first year as students at the university), we were stunned by how awesome the building was, but were utterly blown away by the incredible exhibition.

Not only was it a fascinating insight into social attitudes in that period of British history, but was amazing to see the origins of our hobby right there in front of us, with some pearls of wisdom still as applicable today.

We left the library feeling pretty excited about the hobby, it’s always been about making something fun to enjoy with friends and family, but it’s also an opportunity for us as a community to make creative works about the world around us, just as much as writers, painters and musicians.

Our medium is cardboard, let’s write our history into it.