To kick off the pre-campaign campaigning for Statecraft, we decided it would be fun to tweet at a load of  politicians and people interested in politics and tell them about Statecraft.

Our twitter page looked like this for a while…



We didn’t get a huge response at first, as we imagine most of the politicians were hiding behind a wall of unpaid interns, but we got a few likes and retweets from outside onlookers who thought the exercise was a bit hilarious.

List of people who were tweeted at:

US Politicians
Donald Trump
Marco Rubio
Ted Cruz
Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama
Bernie Sanders
Al Gore
George H. W. Bush
George W. Bush
Jeb Bush
Bill Clinton
Arnold Schwarzeneger
Ron Paul
Mitt Romney
Rick Santorum
Joe Biden
Nancy Pelosi
Condoleezza Rice
Sarah Palin

UK Politicians
David Cameron
Jeremy Corbyn
Tim Farron
Nick Clegg
Gordon Brown
Norman Lamb
Jo Swinson
Nicky Morgan
Michael Gove
Boris Johnson
Rory Stewart
Andrew Smith
Natalie Bennet
Caroline Lucas
Nicola Sturgeon
Vince Cable
William Hague
Ed Balls
Leane Wood
Nigel Farage
Alex Salmond
Tony Blair

Other Politicians
Angela Merkel
Francois Hollande
Guy Verhofstadt
Recip Tayyip Erdogan
Viktor Orban
Nicolas Sarkozy
Donald Tusk
Martin Schulz
Vladimir Putin
Jean-Claude Juncker
Justin Trudeau
Malcolm Turnbull
Shinzo Abe
Narendra Modhi
Mariano Rajoy

Jimmy Fallon
John Oliver
British Monarchy
Russel Brand
Owen Jones
Kevin Spacey
Robin Wright
Bill Gates
Elon Musk
Stephen Colbert
Peter Capaldi