This last week has been a bit of a strange one over at ITB HQ. We ended up in talks with 2 guys from a random corner of the internet about publishing a game they made a decade ago on scraps of paper.

So while browsing through the BoardGameGeek Facebook page we spotted this post, describing how two brothers couldn’t afford to by Pokemon and Yugioh, so made their own game – Creature Cards.


10/10 wouldn’t scroll.

It got our interest, thinking “hey, I remember doing that too!” So we tracked down the original source on reddit, then tracked down the original poster. At this point we were just really interested, but then we noticed all the comments on the imgur and reddit pages:


That got us thinking, maybe we could do this with these guys!

So we contacted the creators of Creature Cards and we’re setting up a call with them next week to talk Kickstarter Project!

We’ll update you all when we’ve got it all official and when the Kickstarter is a reality.

We’re super excited.

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