Well, that was unexpected.

Molecular, our first ever game, was funded to the tune of nearly £18,000 on Kickstarter last week. We’re now spending all out time getting everything set up so that the manufacturers can get the printing presses going and we can get sending Molecular out to the 537 wonderful people who made it happen!

Throughout the campaign we added way more things into every box than we thought we were going to be able to, including loads of quality upgrades to the pieces and cards, extra cards and a cool cloth tile bag for all the hexes.

But yeah, we didn’t see a £7,000 spike in the last 48 hours coming…

Backers are fantastic, fickle people!

So now every copy of Molecular will contain:

1 deck of linen finish, UV spot varnished poker-sized Functional Group Cards
1 deck of linen finish, UV spot varnished poker-sized Effector Cards
5 Kickstarter Exclusive Neurochemistry Effector Cards
100 3.5mm chipboard UV spot varnished hexagonal Atom Tiles
1 cloth tile bag
2 high quality Rules and Reference Cards