The Molecular Kickstarter Campaign has been going strong, now with 41% funding and over 200 backers! It’s been an incredible journey so far with dozens of backers sending kind messages of support and plenty of suggestions and feedback!

On the back of backers’ feedback we’ve:

1. Improved the Functional Group Card and Atom Tile designs to include colour coding!
2. Introduced Add-On posters and counters
3. Revealed Social Goal Cards
4. Starting the wheels turning on getting Add-On stickers and Add-On Molecular Glassware
5. Released the Add-On expansions early and added them to all large pledges

We’re now working hard to get number 4 done, getting all the content for the expansions nailed, as well as continuing to perfect the Core set content!

In other news, has now reached 38 countries!

Here’re some pics!