At the moment all we’ve been talking about is our first game, Molecular. As much as we love it, and as much as we want to share all the updates and progress and snapshots of how everything is getting closer to Molecular being on your tabletop, we thought we’d give you a picture of where we’re going afterwards.

Basically, we have loads of ideas. The ideas we have for games are really very varied in theme, depth, style, design.

Continuing on from Broken Shield we’re going to talk about another of our future games, Tome.

Studying at Oxford is an incredible privilege, part of which is being able to spend our time studying in some of the world’s most beautiful libraries. Peter studies at St John’s College, which has one of the coolest ‘restricted sections’ in the whole university. Below is a cheeky shot of it, the globe you can see is older than the establishment of modern Australia. Round about 400 years old, all it has is a few bits of coastline! There are loads of parts of the world that were a complete mystery at that point!

The coolest part of the libraries though, in spite of the beautiful buildings, are the books. Some are hundreds of years old, some over 1000 years old in the depths of the famous Bodleian library. This got us thinking, there have been thousands of scholars who’ve gazed at the books on these shelves for a thousand years in this magical city, but how many of these books have never been read? How many not a single page turned? What secrets do they hold? Do they reveal the true story of an ancient character in a long forgotten story, an advance in the discovery of nature, a land unknown even to us now?

Might there be alchemical texts that instruct the reader in a modern sorcery, tomes of spells from a dozen extinguished cultures across the world?

With Tome, we’re not really designing a game, we’re inviting you to join us on a journey into this fantastical land of discovery, arcane and ancient knowledge and the characters who study, wield and are controlled by these powers. We want you to get as lost in the magic of a trillion words around you as we have, smell the aged dust on the leather bound works of scholars past, and fill your imagination with the colour of competing characters in this maelstrom of knowledge.


Put in more simple terms, Tome will be a new kind of Role Playing Game. We want to blend the storytelling power of classics like D&D with the visual flare of the super secret artwork we have our quill-and-ink wielding goblins working on. Unlike a lot of modern classics, where ‘wizards’, the principal agents of the arcane, are characterised as cartoonish, we want to cast the roles players will assume more like the alchemical and spiritual scholars of the past, seeking to harness the powers of nature and otherwise to whatever end they choose.

Will you seek to control the ethereal otherrealm? The terrifying destructive power of fire, the mesmerising glimmer of metal?

In Tome you’ll be crafting a character in a fantasy world where colleges of the enchanted vie for power, knowledge and above all else control of the forces of the supernatural. You’ll be using the tools of the scholars’ trade to struggle against opposing colleges and their acolytes, or work in harmony to rid the world of a greater evil. Tome is going to be a rich, imaginative world of interactive roleplaying with art to marvel over and game pieces like you’ve never seen before.

Will you enter the gates of an ancient college and turn a dusted page to discover the secrets of arcane scholarship?