Molecular is a simple, rapid, light strategy game for 2-8 players. In order to ensure that every time you play, you get a unique experience, the molecule you create is vastly different from the last and that you have a fun and engaging game experience, we’ve been brewing some potential expansion material for the game. It’s very much provisional at this point but we think we’ve got some pretty snazzy ideas for three expansion sets to compliment the main set. We’re not sure exactly how this will pan out in terms of how you can pledge for them during the Kickstarter campaign, but once we know how to get them to you, we’ll shout! Each one is going to include some new tiles, new functional group cards and some snazzy new effector cards.

In the last two Molecular: Expansions updates, we gave you an idea of where we’re going with Extreme Chemistry and Ions, adding in new ways of bonding tiles together, as well as some interesting ways to mix up gameplay with the Noble Gas and Radicals tiles.

This time we’re adding a whole new dimension to Molecular. Trading.

In the Heavy/Metal set, we’re including some heavier atoms to play with – Phosphorus, Silicon and Sulfur, as well as an assortment of Transition Metals.

The metals come along with a special rule where a player can initiate a trade as one of their actions for their turn.

A player can initiate a trade if they have at least one metal tile in their hand. They then play whichever metal tiles they wish to trade face up for everyone to see.

Other players in turn order then, if they wish, play an offer of any of their tiles face down, if they wish to trade for the metals. Once all players have either opted out of the trade or have placed down an offer, all players offering flip their tiles face up. The player who initiated the trade then picks the offer they like most and swaps the relevant tiles. All other players return their unwanted tiles to their hand.

The heavy atoms are weird.

Players can place heavy atom tiles ontop of other heavy atom tiles, so long as the new tile satisfies adjacent bond edges in the normal way. Crazy right?

With all three of these expansions, Molecular is a rich strategy game with trillions of options and fresh gameplay each time.

Heavy/Metal Expansion

Heavy/Metal Expansion