At the moment all we’ve been talking about is our first game, Molecular. As much as we love it, and as much as we want to share all the updates and progress and snapshots of how everything is getting closer to Molecular being on your tabletop, we thought we’d give you a picture of where we’re going afterwards.

Basically, we have loads of ideas. The ideas we have for games are really very varied in theme, depth, style, design.

Over the next few days we’re going to feature some of our favourite ideas for projects after #Molecular.

We thought we’d start with Broken Shield, a richly crafted, trope busting fantasy card game of assymetrical siege in a refreshingly complex fantasy realm without the usual unimaginative tropes.

We got our inspiration from assymetrical classics like Android Netrunner and King and Assassins, with the theming a mix of all sorts from the more mainstream fantasy classics to some really niche, obscure stuff that is unlikely to ever get printed by an actual company.

Broken Shield Concept Art

Broken Shield Concept Art – Thanks to Charles Clegg for the artwork

The biggest thing we want to do with Broken Shield though is to shed all those tired old fantasy genre tropes. Particularly the super racist ones. The ‘Good’ 7 foot tall Aryan Elves fighting the ‘Evil’ dark-skinned Orcs? Come on world, it ain’t 1850. Basically we’re carefully crafting around 20 factions for the game, starting with some refreshing new looks at ‘Orcs’ and ‘Men’, in what we hope will be a really interesting back story behind what we hope will be an equally interesting game!

The general feel we’re going for is the chaotic grind of a medieval siege, through the lens of the fantasy genre. Will the besieging player field an army of brute force to hammer away at the defenders walls, or will they employ their wit and ingenuity to beguile and outpace and outmaneuver their opponent? What we’ll hopefully end up with is a game where you can choose a faction, and whether you’ll be attacking or defending. The relevant strengths, weaknesses, abilities and lack thereof will then inform the game, with some healthy randomness thrown in there for chaotic measure.

The usual stuff will feature, battering rams and ballistas along side feral magii and otherworldly beasts. The big bit, however, is that we want the character of each faction we write into the story to really come through in the game. We’re working with a fantastic artist, Charles Clegg, as well as some up-and-coming fiction writers to create a whole world, not just a single game!

In the long term, too, we plan on developing the ‘real time’ version of the game into a full blown campaign strategy board game (a la Total War series), which will see players determining the fate of entire nations on intricately detailed maps, with key battles being played out with the main game.

Below we’ve got  a flavour of where we’re going in terms of the game itself.


Broken Shield Game Concept