Molecular is a simple, rapid, light strategy game for 2-8 players. In order to ensure that every time you play, you get a unique experience, the molecule you create is vastly different from the last and that you have a fun and engaging game experience, we’ve been brewing some potential expansion material for the game. It’s very much provisional at this point but we think we’ve got some pretty snazzy ideas for three expansion sets to compliment the main set. We’re not sure exactly how this will pan out in terms of how you can pledge for them during the Kickstarter campaign, but once we know how to get them to you, we’ll shout! Each one is going to include some new tiles, new functional group cards and some snazzy new effector cards.

Obviously the main part of the game is making bonds between different atoms, the tiles of the game. Our first big idea is to introduce what we’re calling “Extreme Chemistry”, ways of representing the reactivity of some things and the complete lack of reactivity of others. In this set we’ll have a combination of Noble Gases and ‘Radical Organics’. No, they aren’t super fussy eaters that mostly live on the far left of the political spectrum, they’re really fidgety atoms that stick to thinks like velcro. These radicals have bonds that are super reactive and will stick to the first thing they get hold of, whereas the Noble Gases really cba with life and sit there getting in the way.

How it’ll work is that the Noble Gases tiles have blank edges and ‘block’ edges. You’ll play the blank edge on a blank edge of a tile already in play (controversial right?), and then subsequent tiles cannot be played if they touch the block edges, to represent these pesky things getting in the way of your research.

The radical tiles will be a little more interesting. If you decide to play one of these zingers down on the molecule using the regular bonds you’ve already seen lots of, it’ll mean that the next players will have to play onto the radical ‘pips’ you can see on the Carbon tile below, to represent that whatever you end up doing, that Carbon is stealing your stuff. You’ll also be able to play radical tiles as ‘interrupts’ to throw an atom-sized spanner in the works of whatever your opponent is cooking up!

So there it is, we hope you like the idea, and watch out for more updates on different expansions we’re brewing and ideas for the campaign!


Extreme Chemistry Expansion

Extreme Chemistry Expansion