In Molecular, players competitively engineering a molecule in a lab, trying to produce parts of the molecule that are most useful for their research. While some researchers might want to see how many times they can get alcohol into the molecule, others might just want to know how many atoms they can get into the molecule before each branch is extinguished.

Look out for those annoying players who end branches with Hydrogens every turn. Learn to hate them.

Here’s a peek at the tiles and the monstrous molecules you can make…

Molecular Atom Tiles

Molecular Atom Tiles


  • Players may place one tile adjacent to an existing tile in the molecule as their action for their turn
  • All tile edges must match with other adjacent tiles, so a single bond cannot be played adjacent to a double bond, and a blank bond can’t be played next to a single bond etc.
  • All tile plays must satisfy at least one bond, so you can’t play blank edges onto blank edges if there are no other bond edges satisfied. Below are a series of valid and non-valid plays