In Molecular players are competitively building a molecular in a lab trying to create parts of the molecule that are most useful for them!

Each player is attempting to create a series of ‘functional groups’ which can be thought about as chemical recipes for chunks of a molecule. These range from simple combinations like alcohol to monstrous 10-atom structures that are almost impossible to produce.

Each player starts off with three functional group cards, which they can cash in as their action for their turn. Each time they cash one in however, the score for that group goes down, and they pick up a new card for their next experimental task!


Each turn a player may choose to play a tile, reveal and effector or cash in a functional group card.

The player scores the following points for cashing in a functional group card:

1. The number of points indicated on the functional group card for the first incidence of that group in play in the molecule

2. One point for every additional incidence of that group in the molecule (with no atom allowed in more than one of each such group)

3. Minus one point for each handicap counter on the group’s entry on the reference card

After a player has counted up the score for that action and collected the points, the player then adds a handicap counter to that group’s entry on the reference card

Here is a look at Molecular’s functional group cards!

Molecular Functional Groups

Molecular Functional Groups