Everyone knows how annoying it is when you see a great game, film, book etc but can’t justify spending money on what might be a great project or product when it’s not in your preferred language. Loads of games on Kickstarter don’t bother to run anything other than English language versions. Although we’re native English speakers and it’s super convenient for us to do everything in English, we want to spread the love as far and wide as possible!

So here it is.

Molecular will come with print and plays in as many languages as we can physically manage.

The main set will be in English but we’ll provide, for no extra, print and plays in a range of languages so that you can have them handy with your high quality proper one. We want our games to be accessible to as many people as possible, and we hope this goes some way to doing that!

Exactly which languages will make it in we don’t know yet, that’s up to the backers come the Kickstarter campaign end of June. We imagine German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese will be popular, although we’re anticipating loads more too!