Here’s a sneakier preview at our first game, Molecular. Soon we’ll be uploading a look at our rules sheet for the game, so you’ll know just how the game works. For now here’s an idea…

Molecular is a strategic chemistry-themed tile game where you play the role of a nefarious chemist trying to build a molecule for your research while your rival chemists try to hijack the research for their own agenda. You’ll be competitively building the same molecule, attempting to carefully construct your target ‘functional groups’ (kind of like chemistry recipes).

You’ll take turns to either build up the molecule, spend time running tests on the molecule after you’ve constructed the right functional group or mixing things up by sabotaging an opponent or calling in a gang of caffeinated undergraduates.

Molecular is a quick, light strategy game for 2-8 players, with most games lasting between 10 and 30 minutes. Will you steam ahead to research fame or will you end up with nothing but a grubby lab coat?

Molecular will be going up on Kickstarter at the end of June!